Registration Forms for All Classes & Individual Tuition


To receive lessons all students must be registered at the college. The following forms have been uploaded to the website for your convenience. Please ensure you choose the form that applies to you/your child and that all parts of the form are completed accurately.

You can email any queries you may have to the UCM office:

Office Hours (COVID restrictions):
Monday to Thursday 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Friday 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Fees For All Classes & Individual Tuition

Families who are taking lessons worth £80 or more per week will be given a discount of 5%.

Fees can be paid by E-Banking

Account details: Danske Bank, Sort code: 95-01-49, Account Number: 80111899

Individual Tuition  15 mins  £8.00  
Individual Tuition  30 mins  £16.00  
Individual Tuition  45 mins  £24.00  
Individual Tuition  60 mins  £32.00  
Theory Grades 1-5 (group)  £5.00  
Advanced Theory Grades 6-8 (min 6 students) 60 mins   £6.00  
Advanced Aural Grades 6-8 (min 6 students) 60 mins   £6.00  
GCSE Music  120 mins £18.00  (excluding exam fees) £540 per year
A Level Music 210 mins £29.50   (excluding exam fees) £885 per year
Musical Games  30 mins  £4.00  
Mini Music 30 mins £4.00
Recorder  30 mins  £8.00  
Suzuki Violin (group)  30 mins  £5.50  
British Suzuki Institute Membership  £32.00 per annum
Chamber Music (min 6 students) 90 mins £9.00
Choir Group 90 mins £5.00
Irish Trad Group (min 6 students) 90 mins £9.00  
Instrument Hire £25.00 per term
Room Hire £12.00 per hour


Bursaries for Music Lessons at UCM


Any young musicians on free school dinners would be eligible for one of our bursaries. The Trustees reserve the right to consider applications from others in exceptional circumstances. The successful student receives a bursary to cover half the cost of lesson for one year. This may be renewed subject to the financial situation of the College. The deposit of £25 for individual lessons or £10 for group lessons is payable at the end of the first term of lessons. Bursaries are reviewed each term, to ensure the following conditions are met:

  1. The student has not missed any lessons without an acceptable reason, nor without the College being notified 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible.
  2. The student has worked hard and made progress. A report from the tutor is required.
  3. Evidence of financial need (eligibility for free school meals) is presented once a year.

Application forms for bursaries can be found below. Applications can be made by email, post or in person in the office. An interview and/or audition will be required.

  • Bursaries Application Form (Word Doc.) This is a Word Document version of the bursaries application form. Once downloaded, it will take you only 5 mins to fill in the grey boxes and email it back to the office.
  • Bursaries Application Form (PDF) This is a PDF version of the bursaries application form. Only use this version if you prefer to complete the form by hand. It can be left in the College during office hours.